Terms & Conditions

Party Gear is a parent company of MARS Production

Please! read these terms and conditions before using our services. By accessing our service or website you are entering into an agreement with the company, for the supply of our service. The contracting party and every guest are agreed to be bound by our terms and conditions.
Party Gear reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove any portion of these terms and conditions at any time. If we revise our terms and conditions, the changes shall be posted on our website. If we change our condition during or after signing a contract, the new condition will not be effective for already signed customers, until their next service.
If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please refrain from any further access to our service.

Payment terms

  • The contracting party agrees to pay 50% or more total invoice value at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid 1 week prior to the event. If the contracting party fails to pay the remaining balance before the event day, Party Gear reserves the right to revoke the contract and the deposit will not be refunded.
  • If the package includes any custom decor or work, the deposit amount will be 60%.
  • Once the company receives the deposit along with a signed contract, our service will be confirmed and effective.
  • The client will pay rental fee and security deposit aside from booking fee for any items provided by Party Gear. The security deposit will be refunded upon the return of all rented items. All rented items must be returned in good condition to the service provider no later than 1 business day after the event. Rental fees will be reinstated for each day after a stipulated time frame. Delivery fees for rental items can apply.

Cancellation terms

  • If for any reason the contracting party wants to cancel the booking, the deposit of 50% of total invoice will be forfeited. But if the contracting party cancels within 1 month prior to the event date, Party Gear shall be liable to refund the deposit back.
  • Party Gear has the right to cancel the event one month prior to the date for variable reasons and without any liabilities.

Changes and Rescheduling

  • Party Gear must be notified of any changes in the date, time or location of the event or any other changes affecting the services to be provided under this Contract.
  • There is no fee for rescheduling the event. However, in an event of rescheduling, if the new date does not correspond with our availability, we would not be able to provide the service at your event, any balance which was paid will not be refunded.

Decoration & Damage control

  • Setup time is based on the size, location, and style of the event.To have quality guaranteed service, our decoration team needs to have the location ready 3-4 hours prior to the event.
  • The contracting party is liable to pay full for any damages or loss to any kind of our equipment and furniture. Any mark, scratches or breaking part of our furniture will also be considered as damages. We are not liable for any damages at the event.
  • Any kind of damages, including, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or third party damage will be a full liability for the contracting party except where damage is caused by Party Gear and its servicing people or agents. The contracting party must pay the current market value of the damaged property.
  • Insurance does not cover any kind of damages occurred by a client at the event.

Conditions for Dj service

  • If there’s any special songs the client wants the DJ to play/use during the event, the list of the songs has to be shared with the DJ at least 2 days prior to the event.
  • Our standard DJ package does not include Emcee service therefore no emcee/hosting service can be requested throughout the event.
  • If the client books emcee service, the itinerary of the event must be shared/provided at least one week prior to the event. Last minute changes to the itinerary may cause interruption to the service.

Condition for photography and cinematography

  • To perform cinematography and photography in an outdoor location or in private places for the event, the client is fully responsible for any kind of necessary permission, clearance of permits from the authority.
  • Team Party Gear will not ask for permission to take photos and videos to any The client will be responsible to get/manage permission for all.
  • Party Gear reserves the right to any image and video taken at the event. Although Party Gear gives full permission to the clients to use the image and videos.
  • Party Gear reserves the rights to not provide any raw video footage and photos to the client. However, if there is a request for raw photo and video footage, the client has to pay an additional amount.
  • Clients can provide any specific videos, additional photos, music to use in the final videos within 2 days after the event. but if information is not provided, party gear will use music and materials as they desire, and no modification can be done after delivering the final outpu
  • The time frame of the service is firm and cannot be exceeded. If the client exceeds the time frame, additional fees will be charged.
  • It takes 10-12 weeks for photos and takes 8-10 weeks for videos to be ready. The process can be expedited with an additional charge.
  • All the photos and videos will be stored for 120 days. The term will start from the day output is delivered to the client. All the data will be automatically removed after 120 days and cannot be restored.


  • The contracting party and each guest are agreed to abide by the terms and condition of Party Gear. If anyone behaves/acts out of manner with the service providers, members of Party Gear have the right to depart from the venue.

Service issues

  • We will always contact the person who signed the contract for any kind of necessity. Our client will also provide an emergency contact. If the contract signed person is not available, we will contact the person provided as emergency contact.
  • The emergency contact will be contacted only for minor purposes. The person will not be contacted for payment and legal issues.
  • No last minute changes and negotiations are acceptable.

Legal issues

  • Party Gear agreed and understood that the law of Michigan state shall govern this agreement.
  • In the event of non-payment Party Gear retains the right to attempt collection through all legal and permissible.
  • Client will be responsible for all court fees, legal fees and collection costs included by Party Gea
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