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Weddings are an unforgettable experience for the couple and their family. Therefore, couples wish to secure every moment of this special day in photographs. So, if you are seeking to forge such memories, Party Gear is the best wedding photography in Detroit. We offer exclusive wedding photography services in Michigan to showcase the pure reflection of your love for each other.

Our committed team of professional wedding photographers will capture every minute of your wedding in aesthetically pleasing shots. From the much-awaited first look to the emotional best-men and maid-of-honors speeches, all candid moments will be crystallized to perfection. Above all, you can sit with our team before the big day to discuss how you want your dream wedding photography session to be like.

Party Gear Event Planner


Videos resonate with every heart, and thus, couples impatiently wait to receive their wedding videos. Here at, Party Gear, our wedding videographers have an in-depth, artistic approach when it comes to filming wedding videos. Apart from weddings, we cover other small-scale events ranging from engagement parties, birthday celebrations and bridal showers.

From capturing the true essence and joy of your special day to editing each film with exceptional enthusiasm and professionalism, our videography service is the best one in Michigan,. We have the best wedding cinematographers in Michigan, striving to produce superb quality films and photography.

It is our passion to narrate your love story through our videos. Each moment captured through our lenses will speak aloud of your dream wedding. From anticipated hellos to unwanted goodbyes, our team of professional cinematographers will shoot every special moment of your event, saving them as a memory for years to come. Above all, we guarantee to give you all the time and attention throughout the day of your event.

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Dj Setup
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Planning a magical wedding reception and your first dance is dictated by your choice of playlist. And this is where the DJ comes in the equation. Party Gear offers exclusive DJ services for weddings in Michigan. We firmly understand that for a memorable night, the soundtrack of your wedding part plays an equally important role, and your choice of DJ will either make or break the dream wedding.

So, to get the party popping and avail our DJ services in Michigan to make sure all your guests have fun at your event. And at Party Gear, our DJs know how to steer the music environment of your event. Before the special day, they will sit with you and help you carefully plan out your wedding playlist – responsibly taking care of the sound element at your wedding. So, while you are nervously rehearsing your vows in the room, there is one less thing to worry about as we offer the best DJs for your wedding.

Party Gear Event Planner

Stage Design

Wedding stage designs are the centre of attention when it comes to weddings. From extravagant flower decorations to pastel drapes, a lavish stage is always an eye-pleasing view. However, stage decor ideas differ from couple to couple, and some like to keep it minimalistic with simple flower decorations, while some prefer to go overboard.

Party Gera offers unique wedding stage setups for weddings in Michigan. As a wedding planner in Michigan, our wedding stage designers provide a range of decor facilities for your wedding. Do you need customized decorations? Well look further, you can schedule a meeting with our stage designers and discuss your wedding stage ideas. Above all, we also cater stage designs requests for other

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Decor is what pulls together the entire aura of any event. And therefore, requires great attention to detail. At Party Gear, we offer premium event decorations in Michigan, bringing your dream wedding decoration ideas to reality. From pastel colour palettes to coastal theme, our florists and stage designers help you design your big day with finesse.

Pristine wedding themes and decor ideas qualify as a visual masterpiece, making your wedding look visually appealing. Our event decor team works with all budget brackets, so if you have something in mind for your wedding or your engagement party, we can draw inspiration from it and help you get a dream wedding decor. From summer-time outdoor celebrations during the early hours of the day featuring canopies and floral drapes to winter-wonderland inspired weddings, we can bring your ideas to reality with just the right amount of glam and perfection.

In addition to this, we also offer decor services in Michigan for birthday parties and other small-scale events. To discuss your event specifications in detail, reach out to us through our contact us page.

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Looking for the best wedding rentals in Michigan that fit your budget bracket? Or want to throw a small bridal shower for your best friend, but have got no idea where to rent the decor from? Look no further, as we at Party Gear have introduced a range of event rental services for you in the Michigan area. And we make renting decor and furniture convenient for you.

We are a reliable rental source company for weddings and other small-scale events, providing high-quality furniture, tables, and cutlery for your events. We enjoy being a part of your big day and therefore, ensure that our customer service is swift, saving you from the hassle of dealing with third-party wedding rental services for your wedding. In addition to this, you can also avail of our rental services for birthday parties, graduation dinners, housewarming parties, and other small-scale events.

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In terms of cost, Party Gear has the highest level, servicing our customers with premium quality services at the lowest possible price. If you’re doing a small event or a bigger event, in order to have the best reasonable price, we are always there to negotiate with our client. We regularly offer big offers and discounts, all information is available on our website.

At Party Gear, we treat our customers with the utmost respect. More than just negotiating with a customer, we prefer to work with our customer, holding in-person meetings as well as multiple meetings to discuss the rate, going over the event needs in detail to provide a quality service.

We have photographers, videographers, and DJs at Party Gear who are highly professional in their industry. We have covered well over 200+ events and other locations in Michigan.

We came together as a group of talented individuals to develop this company in order to provide customers who are searching for quality services with affordable quality services.

We love to collaborate with those in need of our services when it comes to dealing with customers. We are professionals who have experience working at all cultural activities, no matter what cultural profile you belong to. We are always there to provide the highest quality services, whether one wants simple portrait sessions or a wedding celebration.

We came together as a group of talented individuals to develop this company in order to provide customers who are searching for quality services with affordable quality services.

We love to collaborate with those in need of our services when it comes to dealing with customers. We are professionals who have experience working at all cultural activities, no matter what cultural profile you belong to. We are always there to provide the highest quality services, whether one wants simple portrait sessions or a wedding celebration.

One of our favorite events we had was a wedding event, where our luxury wedding package was booked by customers. The event took 3 days and the client was far more than pleased to have the highest quality work for the event, at a reasonable price for them. We really enjoy working with our customers and delivering the best possible services.

It is always difficult and time confusing to find a provider with affordable and high-quality services, A simple google search can show you plenty of results, but it is the hardest part to choose the right provider among them. For these reasons, we strongly advise everyone or any customer looking for professional services to visit the vendor’s website, check their work portfolio, Nowdays Instagram is the main source of finding out who is doing the best job, but also contact them to see the pricing. To locate the top provider like us, narrow down your quest by reading feedback and browsing their portfolio.

We strongly recommend that every client collect information about their activities, list the resources they need, as well as the provider’s questions. Doing this will allow customers to find out who is best for their activity.

We are one stop shop for all your needs; we provide various services from decorating your event to capturing the memories of your precious moments. We have full-service DJ for entertainment as well as videographer and photographer who is ready to capture those unforgettable memories of your events.

We have various Packages for different occasions such as Wedding, Engagement, Birthday Party, etc.… Alongside that, For our decorations, we would consult with your to see how you want decorate your event and provide you a quote based on your needs. As for our other services, we charge based on your event duration and we also have fixed hourly rate for our photography, cinematography services those who does not need full day coverage. If you ask about our DJ services, that also has fixed rate with 4-5-hour coverage and if it goes above the set limit, we charge hourly bases. To find out all our rates and learn more about package deals, you can get in touch with us via social media, phone number, email, or setup a video conference appointment in our website. Our prices are very much competitive and guaranteed you would not be able to find any cheaper in anywhere else.

We typically do all our events with minimum of 5-6 hour or full day of coverage, but if the event itself is shorter in time, we do provide services in hourly rate bases.

Yes, these are considered as a part of event photography, we mainly excel our focus in Wedding, Birthday, or other events photography, and we would extremely love to cover your event.

No, We do not, We always try to provide the best images to our client so before providing the client with the images that were shoot at the event, we delete the images which might be duplicate, test shots, missed focused shots, and other images that may dilute the overall quality of the delivery. We do some post processing in our end to deliver the best images which are ready for print and to be used anywhere so that you do not have to worry about cropping, fixing images etc.

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